12 Handy Thanksgiving Hacks

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1. The Tinfoil DIY Roasting Rack

Photo: Saveur

No need to run to the store, tin foil makes a great roasting rack.

2. Grate Frozen Butter Directly Into Pie Dough

3. Rice = Easy Pie Weights

4. Rolling Pin Replacement

5. Super-Fast Potato Peeling

7. Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm in a Slow Cooker.

8. Use The Cooler To Free Up Fridge Space

9. Small Crowd? Cook Turkey Parts Separately.

“Cook the turkey breast and leg meat separately. They cook at different rates, so this avoids overcooking/undercooking one part.’

-Chef Michael White

Photo: Fine Cooking

10. The Carve

“When carving your turkey, remove each breast and slice crosswise into thick slices (about ½-inch slices), then both legs, then the wings.

Photo: Parent Mag

11. Use Oven-Dried, Not Stale, Bread for Better Stuffing

12. Get A Meat Thermometer

“Invest in a meat thermometer! It’s $25 and will not only improve your Thanksgiving turkey but will improve your roast beef, lamb and more throughout the year. Make sure you get one with an alarm. In order to have the perfect turkey and or roast the temp alarm will insure the right temperature without worrying about timing per pound.”

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