3 Date Products For People Obsessed With Dates (Which Should Be Everyone)

Dates are underrated, under appreciated and so are the people who stan them. Mark this as the date that you learned about awesome date products that you could potentially use in cooking for an upcoming date. Ok were done.

Originally published at mantry.com.

You want to know what doesn’t suck? Food makers that dream up creative products that are different, delicious and interesting then give it a sweet double entendre name. Well, Wanna Date? Yes. Your new favorite spread comes with flavors like Cinnamon all the way down to Pumpkin Spice for all the basic b’s. Finally, a good first date guaranteed.

First, you discover that date syrup is a healthier sugar, with a low glycemic index and chocked full of antioxidants, then you realize it’s just freaking delicious. Seriously, even if this stuff was unhealthy it would be worth it. Just Date Syrup crushes the recipe ideas too, Cinnamon Roll Pancake Bake anyone?

Holy Date Shake Recipe. We like Natural Delights plump, sweet jewels of date goodness in this smoothie loaded with pistachio butter. It’s like the world’s greatest milkshake that happens to be good for you.

Date Shake With Pistachio Butter Recipe Here

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