3 Greatest Father’s Day Gifts Ever

May 20, 2022

When it comes to Father’s Day Gift Guides at Mantry, the cream rises to the top…. Dad, Grand-Dad, Grandpa, Hubby, Husband, whoever he is, Dad deserves the best gift Father’s Day can deliver.

#3 The Goatee Saver

Shaving related gifts are hot this year and so is that 90’s goatee Dad has been waiting to bring back for two decades. It’s time.

#2 The Fake Hair Visor

Simultaneously funny and functional, Dad can go from bald to badass Guy Fieri flamethrowing flavortown mayor. Combine with #3 for the full Dad makeover.

#1 The Graphic Mug

Nothing says “I thought of you but only at the last possible millisecond” like a graphic mug.

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