3 Products We Can’t Put In Mantry But ABSOLUTELY Love

Mantry is all about shipping America’s best Pantry products, so perishable items aren’t in the mix quite yet but here are three we have to gush about.

Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter with Sea Salt

86% Butterfat and 100% delicious. Go ahead, just smear this butter on a cracker and have at it. This ridiculously creamy butter is made from fresh Vermont cream.

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Photo: Vermont Creamery

Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

Callie’s Biscuit are made by hand using no machinery whatsoever and will make you feel like you have that southern grandma you always wanted. The Country Ham Biscuits (with finely chopped artisanal Virginia country ham) and the Sweet Potato Biscuits will have your family fighting at the breakfast table (in a good way). Also, Mantry is a massive fan of the one and only Carrie and her team who run this awesome company and hook us up with lots of biscuits each year at the Fancy Food Show. Great Biscuits, Great People.

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Photo: Callies Biscuits

Anson Mill Grits

Anson Mill specializes in handmade mill goods from organic heirloom grains. Their grits are the real deal and must be shipped under refrigeration and the result is simply the most sublime plate of fragrant, flavorful, comforting, grits you’ve ever tasted.

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Photo: Anson Mills Grits

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