9 Boozy Ways To Use Whiskey In Desserts

Whiskey. Warming, soothing, wonderful in a glass but also delicious in dessert recipes. Here’s a roundup of nine ways to spike your sweets!

Originally published at mantry.com.

The ultimate comfort breakfast of delicious brioche french toast, boozy bananas and a kick from smoky, spiced peanut butter and rich dark chocolate, you earned it.

Stretch your last precious sips of bourbon into this delicious caramel sauce you can pour over anything from ice cream to fresh grilled peaches.

Crumbled pecans, bourbon spiked waffle mix and our favorite banana jam in the country, a great way to start the day.

Dave’s Coffee in Rhode Island offers the perfect brew to house a little Jameson for this post dinner classic.

Sweet, bourbon glazed apples can top anything from pancakes to ice cream.

Grown-up campfire sweets…

All you need is bourbon cookies and the rest is boozy history…

Peaches + Ice Cream + Bourbon = Happiness.

Pink House Alchemy makes this old-school Sarsaparilla mixer that is every Rye’s best friend.

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