Burgers, a grill master’s blank canvas to go any direction. From Hatch Chile to Torta Style to Surf n’ Turf, here are fourteen ways to get your burger on from some of America’s best home cooks!

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1. Oklahoma Smash Burgers@blackstone_griddlin

“Oklahoma Smash Burgers on the 22inch Blackstone Adventure Ready!

Got to cook up a bunch of burgers for guys at work. We tailgated outside a high school stadium.

I was able to pump out 16 doubles on this little 22 inch Blackstone.

Here’s a full rundown…

Whiskey. Warming, soothing, wonderful in a glass but also delicious in dessert recipes. Here’s a roundup of nine ways to spike your sweets!

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Brioche French Toast With “Old Fashioned” Bourbon Caramelized Bananas, Smoke & Fire Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate

The ultimate comfort breakfast of delicious brioche french toast, boozy bananas and a kick from smoky, spiced peanut butter and rich dark chocolate, you earned it.

Cauliflower is no longer a lifeless side to Sunday dinner. Through recipe creativity and innovation around the internet there are now countless ways to turn cauliflower into the main event at any meal. From Cauliflower Tacos to Casserole here are nine ways to kick up the tastiest flower of them all.

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A good sandwich can hit the spot like no other mealtime hankering. From a Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sub to Salami & Fig Grilled Cheese, here are six sandwiches to deploy for when trying to decide which ‘wich to go with.

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Shaved Beef Sandwich With Kimchi And Cucumber

Crunchy Kimchi, crispy cucumber and flavorful beef combine for this speedy sando featuring two of our favorite food makers in America.

On the importance of appreciating Queens, NY…

If you enjoy food, which is to say you are a sentient human, walking around Queens is akin to being a child set loose in a Toys “R” Us on an unlimited spending spree. One can have arepas for breakfast, Tibetan Momos for lunch and a Bengali thali for dinner…

Churning out dinner every night can become a slog of tired, redundant tastes, but before you dial for delivery try dialing up your dishes with these four spice rubs. You’ll go from mundane to mouthwatering in seconds.

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Long-Tail Sunset Thai Blend // Spice Tribe

This isn’t full moon party Red bull buckets Thailand, this is the aromatic, deeply satisfying flavor bombs you find aisles deep in the local markets. Dust this stuff over grilled fish tacos or on smoky wok fried noodles for easy weeknight dinner upgrades.

From The Maker:


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