Born In The USA // October 2012 Mantry

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Oyster Bloody Mary

Stu’s Bloody Mary // Chicago, IL

Like most truly revolutionary ideas, Stus Bloody Mary Mix was conceived over a booze-infused brunch, where two college buddies decided to take a stand after yet another flavourless Bloody Mary. Luckily, Stu was a Cordon Bleu-trained chef who sweated in the kitchen of Alinea (the 7th best restaurant in the world) and Rudi had sweated out enough Bloody Mary’s to spot a good one.

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Clancy’s Classic Label

Clancy’s Fancy // Ann Arbour, Michigan

Pie-eyed Delta Phi Polo Poppers have had the pleasure of dousing Clancy’s Fancy on grease laden goodness since 1979. Hailing from within a beer pong shot of the Big House in Ann Arbour Michigan, it’s time to blow the top off one of the best undiscovered sauces in America. Clancy concocted the sauce out of desperation while at international boarding school in Ireland. She was forced to sneak exotic spices from her Asian, African and Central American classmates to liven up the Irish fare that had less bells and whistles than a Sinead O’connor Video. In true Ann Arbor fashion, use liberally on a plate of eggs or in a bowl of guac.

Half Pops // Woodinville, WA

In 2000, Mike Fitzgerald became the 3rd American Race Car Driver in history to win the Porsche Cup awarded to the world’s top professional Porsche driver. In 2009, Fitzgerald became the 1st American Race Car Driver in history to call out Orville Redenbacher for overcooking his Popcorn. This all lead to one of the great career pivot’s in history since Sly Stallone started hawking a line of high protein pudding (we’re working on it). Half pops helps you battle through The Notebook as a movie snack or doubles as a great ingredient in Salted Caramel Crunch that you’ll probably never make for your girlfriend (see

Blue Ox Jerky // Troy, Michigan

Widely known for beating on weaker gas station jerky and fleecing it for its lunch money since 2011, Blue Ox is a divine bovine garnish to beef up a Stu’s Bloody Mary to be shared with the boys.

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Scott Witherow of Olive & Sinclair Roasting Cocoa

Olive & Sinclair // Nashville, Tennessee

These days, the word Artisan gets thrown around more than a Dolly Parton boob joke in Nashville, but rest assured Olive & Sinclair is the real-deal and it’s spectacular. Scotty Witherow Stone grinds every batch offering the first raw cocoa to bar process in the South, not to be confused with the raw coca leaf to bar process crafted by many young NYC investment bankers, most weekends.

Sir Kensington’s // Brooklyn, NY

No one has ever questioned Sir Kensington’s ketchup making prowess just like no one has ever questioned his reputation as a womanizing, unrighteous scoundrel and scallywag.

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October 2012 Mantry |“Born In The USA”

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