Burger Inspiration From 14 Grilling Instagram Accounts To Follow

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1. Oklahoma Smash Burgers@blackstone_griddlin

“Oklahoma Smash Burgers on the 22inch Blackstone Adventure Ready!

Got to cook up a bunch of burgers for guys at work. We tailgated outside a high school stadium.

I was able to pump out 16 doubles on this little 22 inch Blackstone.

Here’s a full rundown of the ingredients:
-Potato Buns toasted with Duke’s Mayo
-80/20 Ground Chuck seasoned with Meat Church Holy Cow, Blackstone’s Whiskey Burger Seasoning and French’s Yellow Mustard
-Thinly sliced white onion smashed into the beef
-Colby Jack Cheese
-Ketchup and French’s Yellow Mustard
-Best Maid Pickles

I used The Burger Smasher to get these as flat as I could on this 22. The stand isn’t exactly designed for putting all your weight into a smash!

They were a hit!”

2. Korean Burger@bluetickbbq

“Korean Burgers. Grilled these Tteok-galbi (garlicky-onion soy seasoned beef) patties on my @blackstoneproducts. Topped with Asian salad drizzled with @thrivesauceco I got from @mantry for a spicy punch, and a little @trybachans. Nice change of pace from regular ole burgers.”

3. Surf & Turf Burger@brews_and_ques

“Sunday funday Surf-n-Turf burger was a fun build!!! The pic doesn’t capture all of the goodness, but let me tell you it was delicious AF!!!🤤 One pound burger patty, one pound ribeye @hilmarmeatmarket , thick cut jalapeño bacon @redhillranch , @cocacola onions and shrimp stuffed into the sourdough bun!!💥💥💥Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!🙌🏼 Cheers!🍻

4. Smoked Portabella Mushroom@meatstickbbq

“Smoked Portabella Mushroom served on a toasted ciabatta.⁣⁣
“The flavors of this sandwich were wild! Topped with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, fire roasted yellow peppers, avacado and UFO sauce brought to me by the @mantry. Everything paired perfectly together, will definitely be doing this again. ⁣”

5. Gorgonzola Burgers@aweebitquirkybbq

“ Burgers on the Blackstone Griddle.

This weekend was pizza night and there were all sorts of prepared pizza toppings, pre-cut and left over. I hate for food to go to waste, so I’ve been using them other ways all week. I seasoned the burgers with @meatchurch Holy Gospel.
I took some of the precut onion, red bell pepper, portobello mushroom and sautéed them. Then added some Gorgonzola. I love Gorgonzola, but I know that its not everyone’s cup of tea.

Fun, delicious and quick weeknight dinner. Can’t beat it.”

6. Torta Burger@outside.grilling

“Thanks @bumbasauce for the Smokey Bumba Pepper Sauce and cutting board!! I used it with some of the Wagyu burgers from @schweidandsons to make my version of a Torta Burger 🍔 fun stuff..”

7. Beer Cheese & Pretzel Bun Burger@egginwithdad

“Baseball is back, and what better time for the release of @psseasoning Tail Gater Ballpark Blend seasoning? With a base of beer, pepper, and onion, this seasoning is sure to kick up your tailgating game a few notches!

It’s still hard to get out to bar to catch a game these days so I brought the bar home with these pub style burgers with homemade beer cheese sauce served on pretzel buns!

80/20 beef seasoned with Tail Gater and cooked on my minimax @biggreenegg (which is perfect to take tailgating btw)

Cheese Sauce
- butter
- salt and pepper
- chopped onion
- beer
- flour
- chopped garlic clove
- shredded sharp cheddar
- shredded swiss

In a saucepan, melt butter and add onion: stir 2–3 min. Add in flour and garlic to make a roux. Then add beer and cook/stir a few min. Remove from heat and season with S&P and whisk in the cheese until melted.

Build those burgers and pour on that beer cheese!”

8. Chuck & Brisket Blend Burger@thebbqhead

“Picked up some @wahlburgersathome from our local @gianteagle and cooked them up on the @traegergrills Ironwood 885! These were a blend of chuck and brisket. Absolutely delicious! Layed on a little A1 Sauce then seasoned both sides with Traeger Blackened Saskatchewan Rub. Set Ironwood grill for 375°f using Traeger’s @meatchurch blend pellets. Cooked for about 16 min flipping only once. Temp probed at 140°f for medium (some pink)”

10. Cream Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Burger@yettibbq

“Cream Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Burger ⠀
(with a side of Buffalo Cauliflower Bites)⠀
This months @holysmokersrubco ambassador challenge was stuffed burgers with a side. Every element is graced with the amazing flavors of Holy Smokers rub. ⠀
I started by making cream cheese buffalo dip. A simple mixture of cream cheese, shredded cheddar, green onions, ranch, @franksredhot Buffalo sauce, and Holy Smokers “All Purpose”. Once mixed, I piped the dip on a silicone mat and froze them.⠀
Once the patties were stuffed, they were seasoned with Holy Smokers “Ultimate Steak” and grilled on my @webergrills Jumbo Joe for about 20 minutes. ⠀
I covered the patty in Franks Red Hot Buffalo sauce, a little bit of lettuce, some crisp onion straws, and blue cheese crumbles.⠀
The Buffalo Cauliflower Bites were quick and easy. Cut the cauliflower in bite size pieces, season with a splash of olive oil and Holy Smokers “All Purpose”. Set air fryer to 350 for 15–20 mins until done to your taste.”

11. Cheeseburger Perfection@badic

“Boys and Girls… This is an amazing combination! @haltemanfamilymeats meat and cheese, @meatchurch #holyvoodoo, @reloadrub #fullyloaded and @madmoosebbq #sauce. Boomshockalocka! Try it folks! 🔥”

12. Smoked Gouda Burger@smokeybrosbbq

“Smoked gouda, sautéed onions,
dill pickles on a wagyu patty🍔 Starting the weekend right.
Wagyu beef from @secondcityprime

13. In-N-Out Style Burgers@castironskillz

“Some In-N-Out style burgers done on the @traegergrills Grilled them at 325 for 20 minutes then cranked it to 425 for a quick mustard glaze on the sear grate🔥 Did the traditional sauce but added @meatchurch #holyvoodoo per usual…”

14. Hatch Chile Burger@chilesandsmoke

“Hatch chile season is among us! Thank you for the in-store reminders @melissasproduce, now I can rock these Hatch chile smash burgers once again.”


Elk & Kielbasa Burger@thegrilldads

“Half Pound Elk Burger with Grilled Kielbasa. The burger is seasoned with our @spiceology collab Red Tuxedo. Topped with colby jack and some dijon mayo.”

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