Campfire Cookout // May 2014 Mantry

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Coffee Summer Sausage Hash Recipe Here

You may have never made fire with two sticks (we haven’t either) but you’ve probably enjoyed a good meal with good company around a campfire. Mantry rounds up six American products fit for the great outdoors, even if your campsite happens to be the backyard.

Herbed Coffee Rub // Just Cook // San Francisco, CA

The quickest way to wake up a couple steaks is a good rub and 20 year veteran to software sales Scott Lucas has developed a foolproof formula. Wait, what? A software guy making spice rubs? Yep, like the quiet kid in the corner of the class that secretly knows Karate, Scott has a knack for kicking things up. In this batch, the richness of coffee is cut with smoky chipotle and rounded out with cumin. Just dust on a hanger steak or elevate your morning with our Herbed Coffee Summer Sausage Hash (recipe:

Summer Sausage // Vermont Smoke & Cure // Hinesburg, VT

Deciding the pre-made refrigerated gas station burger was a lost cause, Chris Bailey took a run at another ubiquitous pit stop offering and set out to upgrade the Summer Sausage. Scratch made in small batches using all natural meats from local farms, Bailey has somehow made the age old combo of crackers, sharp cheddar, summer sausage and an ice cold beer…better.

Bourbon Nib Brittle // Olive & Sinclair // Nashville, TN

Scotty Witherow is a standup guy with a stand out southern chocolate shop that’s hand roasting and stone grinding single origin cacao beans in the music city. Witherow trained in England at Le Cordon Bleu, the Fat Duck and Nobu before combining cacao beans aged in old barrels from local distilleries and bourbon to bang out this buttery bliss. Upgrade some store bought vanilla ice cream for your girl by swirling in some broken brittle, arguably more flattering than dropping “You’re the only Ten-I-See” around Nashville.

Green Chile Cheddar Brew Bread // Soberdough // Nashville, TN

It’s easy to get mystified by baking, but Soberdough has simplified the process to three steps (on the bag) and you get creative control over the beer. Jordan at Soberdough recommends a Pale Ale or American Lager. We recommend the near bulletproof plan of getting a 6-pack, drinking five and putting one in the bread. Fresh out of the oven, smother it in butter and honey or Fuego Salsa.

Fuego Salsa // La Fundidora // Williamsburg, NY

Mexico City may have little in common with Williamsburg but thanks to La Fundidora they share sublime salsa. Founders Lorena, a Mexico City expat and her husband Vitali set out to revive the lost art of small-batch, traditional salsa making. That means ground down ripe tomatoes are combined with a hefty dose of tomatillos and select guajillo and arbor Chilies. Take a shortcut to tasty by tossing in your scrambled eggs or swipe a piece of Green Chile Cheddar Brew Bread through it.

Hickory Smoked Bacon // Broadbent’s // Kuttawa, KY

A still sunrise, a mug of strong coffee and the aroma of bacon crisping in cast iron might as well be an American pastime and Broadbent’s has been woven into many such moments for over 100 years. The proof is in the pork, with over 14 Kentucky State Fair Championships. Broadbent’s is dry-cured and smoked the old-fashioned way, resulting in a bacon perfect for our Bourbon Bacon Baked Beans (recipe:

May 2014 Mantry | Campfire Cookout

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