Dave’s Wine Pick Of The Weekend #2

We know a wine guy named Dave, if this is the only wine recommendation you get this weekend, listen to this one.

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Originally published at Mantry.com

Nesterac — Youngster Rose 2019

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Besides Pilsner, the name in Czech Republic to know is Nesterac. He makes energetic, lively, and clean wines that will ring your spring in right. Appropriately named — some glou glou to light up your senses.” — Dave

Thanks Dave.

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Who’s Dave?

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Dave is not a sommelier. In fact, there isn’t substantial evidence Dave even knows anything about wine at all. But he makes assertive choices and can ramble off about skin contact just long enough that you’re willing to take his word for it.

That’s Dave.

PS: He has a series of cooking shows aptly called Stay At Home Dave, here’s Dave making fish tacos.

Maybe see you next weekend….

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