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“..who motioned for me to try a piece of homemade liverwurst”

At some point during the week, I make a note of exploring a new neighborhood in New York. The goal is pretty simple, go somewhere different, eat something new. One Sunday, I walked up to Yorkville in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, an area with deep German roots. It’s here I stumbled into Schaller & Weber, a shrine of authentic German style charcuterie. Beer steins, sausage hanging from the ceiling, open since 1937.

I was greeted by a gray hair man behind the counter in a pristine white butcher coat and black tie who motioned for me to try a piece of homemade liverwurst smeared on dense dark rye bread, I was sold. Not just on the shop, but by the nourishing, down home food of the country. We hope you enjoy and as they say…Prost!

Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder

September 2015 Curator’s Letter | “Biergarten” Mantry

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