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Biltong & Pomegranate Salad Recipe Here

It’s a tough world out there — from pre-dawn wake ups and venti coffee cups to late-night cocktails turned 6ame-mails, people are stretching themselves more thin than ever. Are we recommending a sea kelp smoothie? No, but Mantry has rounded up six products to inch you one step closer to being superhuman(er)…

Jonty Jacobs // Biltong // Brooklyn, NY

A staple of Indigenous South African peoples such as the Khoikhoi, Biltong was developed to preserve meat without refrigeration. Long active days, meant a lean protein source was imperative and if this snack can fuel a wild game hunt in sub saharan Africa our guess is it’s not a bad 3pm hunger suppressor at the office. Until recently, it was reasonably difficult to attain stateside before a set of Springboks set up shop in Brooklyn. Eat it out of the bag or treat Biltong like prosciutto in an arugula salad with fresh mozzarella and pomegranate seeds (recipe:

Natural Delights // Medjool Dates // Bard Valley, CA

A powerhouse packed in a tiny, portable package, the sweet fruit of the date palm tree is one of the oldest cultivated ingredients in the world for good reason. How to use them? two words, date shake. The iconic roadside standby of southern california desert towns, we spruce it up as a potent pre-workout energy booster using almond milk, bananas and Peguero Farms Pistachio Butter (Recipe:

Peguero Farms // Roasted Sea Salted Pistachio Butter // Merced, CA

When mom used to slip you a PB & J sandwich in your lunch bag she knew what she was doing. An honest hit of protein, B vitamins, iron and zinc, elevate the childhood favorite with this 100% California Grown Pistachio Butter. To enter further into grown-man territory turn up the fiber with whole grain bread and sub jam for TruBee raw honey.

TruBee Honey // Tennessee Snow Honey // Arlington, TN

Beekeepers Jeff Otto and Laura Kimball opt to jar raw honey (unprocessed), aka more of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are preserved making it a bona-fide superfood.

One too many shots of Jameson? Skip the McMuffin for a dab of Honey on toast says the Royal Society of Chemistry, the natural fructose in honey helps the body rapidly metabolize alcohol and sets you on express lane to recovery.

Quinn Popcorn // Lemon & Sea Salt Popcorn // Woburn MA

After observing years of popping, denial and generally reckless behavior, Quinn founders Coulter and Kristy decided to hold an intervention and finally clean-up microwave corn. Coulter explained Ol’ Orville’s recipe had a some PFOA, PFCs, Poly and GMOs but we just took his word for it when he said he wanted to “Quit putting that stuff in people’s bodies”. After overhauling from bag to hull, Quinn (named after Coulter’s son) squeezed in California meyer lemon and Atlantic sea salt to has nuked the competition.

Vosges Chocolates // Coconut Ash & Banana Super Dark // Chicago, IL

Crushing a Crunchie bar won’t get you very far but high grade dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, boasting benefits that include stress reduction, heart health and improved brain function. Chicago based Vosges combine amino acid rich coconut ash with hawaiian bananas, encasing it all in 72% cacao. The result? a solid substitute for a snack attack.

March 2014 Mantry | Health Nut

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