I had Ant Egg Tacos for Lunch (Escamoles)

On the importance of curiosity and Mexican caviar…

Puebla, Mexico

A couple hours bus ride outside Mexico City in Puebla, it’s ant egg season. A Mexican delicacy that dates back to the Aztecs, something that seems perverse to North Americans until you realize what goes into an everyday hot dog. These were served gently warmed with a little butter and jalapeño. Creamy, buttery and actually pretty delicious.

I still get a jolt of childish anticipation to try a new food for the first time while traveling. It’s something about teetering on the edge of uncertainty, to not really know what that mysterious broth or alien fruit will taste like. How your brain will compute these foreign flavors. Will it taste like something else or create a new category entirely? It’s a rush, it’s that wonderful payoff for curiosity.

-Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder, Mantry.com

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