Soup, Smore & Sweater Weather

2 min readFeb 28, 2024

INKERMAN: The Official Shoe of Soup & S’Mores

Step into the world of Inkerman, where comfort and style collide. Crafted with care and a hint of rebellious flair, their kicks and sweaters offer the perfect blend of luxury and affordability. From chill nights by the fire sipping a brew to brisk March jaunts, Inkerman keeps you comfy without cramping your style. And with their direct-to-consumer mojo, you get top-notch quality without the eye-watering price tags. Say ta-ta to sacrificing comfort for fashion — Inkerman’s got your back.

Our Inkerman friends are offering Mantry readers 10% off w/ code: Mantry10

Did Someone Say Soup SZN?

Here’s two of our go-to warming to the bone bowls of brothy goodness.

This sinus clearing, soul-warming, hangover-curing brothy mushroom soup is magic in a bowl. A quick parmesan broth using the rinds (that typically get trashed) gives it big Umami vibes.

Looking for a fast, easy, brothy soup with kale, sausage and farro to warm you up on a cold day? Well, this soup is for you!





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