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Jalapeño Albacore Sandwich Recipe Here

Let’s be clear: These six craft makers may not have nautical themed tattoos or boast a repertoire of boating knots, but they are crafting some the best products inspired by the sea in America.

The Filthy Liar // White Whale Cocktails // Durham, NC

When it comes to being on the water you want something light — but that doesn’t mean your average, sugary, supermarket cocktail mixer. Instead, a botanist, and a home brewer help you craft a whale of a cocktail using fresh lychee and the herbal tag team of rosemary and clove. Just add equal parts gin, shake over ice and serve. Perfect pre-game for one of life’s great pleasures, the afternoon snooze.

Wild Pacific Albacore // Island Trollers // Whidbey Island, WA

For generations man has relied on canned tuna to merely hold him over. Captain Larry Mason moves the pantry staple from last resort to lead role. Sustainably caught by American fishermen off the coast of Washington State, Larry and his crew have had a top-notch commitment to quality for 37 years. The result? An impeccable can of sashimi grade albacore, gently marinated with fresh Jalapeno, that becomes the basis for a the Tuna Sandwich that will change your idea of well…the tuna sandwich (Recipe:

New England Clam Chowder // Bar Harbor Foods // Bar Harbor, ME

Obviously we’re not going to cover an ocean crate without a nod to chowder, as comforting as your go-to Sunday sweater. This is simply one of the best canned chowders we could find. For the New England locals, who spend more time breaking down chowder than Bill Belichick spends on game film, a bowl of Bar Harbor has been the Maine attraction for over 85 years.

Coop’s Hot Fudge // Coop’s Micro Creamery // Watertown, MA

Marc “Coop” Cooper has been packing heat for 28 years in Watertown, just a cardigan’s throw from those wicked smaht Harvard Law Kids. Who he must have had cooped up for a couple days to get a 1993 Patent on his “drippy lid” packaging design. Our advice? Feed the masses Massachusetts style with our sweet and salty Hot Fudge Banana Split topped off with Halfpops (recipe:

Butter & Sea Salt Halfpops // Halfpops // Woodinville, WA

In 2000, Mike Fitzgerald became the 3rd American Race Car Driver in history to win the Porsche Cup awarded to the world’s top professional Porsche driver. In 2009, Fitzgerald became the 1st American Race Car Driver in history to call out Orville Redenbacher for overcooking his Popcorn. In one of the great career pivots in history, Fitzgerald is now the outright champ of half-popped kernels.

Liddabit Sweet // Sea Salt Caramels // Brooklyn, NY

In a little nook in Brooklyn, a hustlin’ team are measuring, cooking, dipping, and wrapping at one of the coolest treat shops in America. Churning out everything from chewy candy bars that would have you snickering at a snickers to lollipops hand poured on bamboo sticks (which means no little sludgy bits of paper in your mouth). For these flavor hits, pure ocean sea salt is stirred into buttery caramel made with locally sourced Ronnybrook Dairy Cream.

June 2014 Mantry | Salty Dog

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