A look at some of the highlights from Mantry nation this week.

PB Burger from Darth Traeger

THIS gets us fired up. Check out @darth_traeger ‘s take on an upgraded burger using @eliotsadultnutbutters Espresso Peanut Butter from his Mantry

Sweet Sweet Harp Music

In 7 years of Mantry we’d thought we’d seen it all, then @jimharpbaugh cranks out this banger. Ladies and gentlemen do yourself a favor and go follow this legend, the world needs more Harp.

Cast Iron Past Creativity

Making magic happen with his Mantry @darth_traegercranked out this awesome forno pasta dish ft. @sfoglini + @parma_sausage + @citysaucery — Directions Below!

I boiled a box of @sfoglini pasta, diced up a @parma_sausage a shallot and some garlic. While the pasta was cooking I sautéed the shallots and garlic, added the sausage together with some @spiceology Italian Blend and a cup of peas.
I set the @traegergrills Pro 575 to 375 and when the pasta was done I tossed everything together in my @finexcookware, added some @tillamook Italian Blend and a jar of @citysaucery ‘nduja. Topped it off with some @belgioiosocheeseMozzarella Pearls, fresh Basil and cooked it on the Traeger for and additional 30–40min until the Mozzarella was melted.

Unbox Nation

Shout out to @lukejamesshaffer for this awesome #Mantry unboxing vid.

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