One Good Find: Ayoba Droewors

Droewors // Ayoba // Springfield, VA

Introducing Ayoba Droewors, the perfect hand held protein rich flavor hit. Here’s the step by step breakdown in the maker’s own words.

Boat Sauce Bloody Mary With Mean Beans, Droewors & Biltong Rim

From The Maker:

What is Droewors?

Droewors is a South African recipe beef stick crafted with premium grass-fed beef that is coarsely ground and seasoned with just a few natural spices, handstuffed into a casing and hung to dry for up to seven days! The result is a flavor and texture that is out of this world! Unlike other “meat sticks” on the market, our Droewors contains no weird fillers like beans or soy, no nitrates, and no sugar! The word “Droewors” translates from Afrikaans to “dry-sausage”.

100% Grass Fed Beef

The same premium cuts of Grass Fed Beef we use for our Biltong are coarsely ground and seasoned with just 4 spices for a naturally bold flavor.

Hung to Dry

The mix is then carefully hand stuffed into a casing and air dried for up to seven days! We use no fillers, no gluten, no soy, and no sugar!

Perfect On The Go

The result is a delicious, high protein beef stick that makes the ideal road trip or adventure snack. Find out for yourself why Droewors is the new standard for beef sticks.

What makes our Droëwors Different?

No Sugar & Zero Bad Stuff

Unlike most store bought meat sticks, we do not add ANY fillers, nitrates, MSG, soy, artificial ingredients, and most importantly, NO SUGAR!

Unique Texture!

Our exclusive drying process, using air flow instead of heat, leaves the beef naturally bold in flavor, and allows us to use coarsely ground beef, instead of a meat paste like other meat sticks, resulting in extra fat marbling for a buttery smooth taste!

Protein Packed

Our Unique drying process leaves more of the meat’s muscle fibers intact, resulting in 30% more protein than the leading meat snack! (16g per ounce, wow!)

Keto, Paleo & Whole30!

Ayoba’s Droewors remains highly distinguished as the only Droewors in the US that is Certified Quality!

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