One Good Find: Bourbon Smoked Togarashi

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In the global spice power rankings, people talk about India’s Garam Masala or Middle Eastern Za’atar but Togarashi deserves to be up there with the big names. Hailing from Japan, traditionally the mixture includes the likes of orange peel and sesame seeds but Matt at BBF gives it a southern spin..

From The Maker:

“A traditional Japanese seven spice blend with an added “bourbon barrel” twist! We begin with a foundation of Bourbon Smoked Pepper and add Bourbon Smoked Sesame Seeds along with nori, mustard and poppy seeds to create an exotic flavor experience with a hint of subtle smokiness! Bourbon Smoked Togarashi is delicious on all meats, seafood, and vegetables. Check out our “Recipes” tab to try some of our favorite and creative ways to use this peppery blend, including our beloved Togarashi Caramel Corn!”

Fast 5 Uses:

  1. Togarashi Dusted Popcorn
  2. Togarashi Chicken Yakitori Skewers
  3. Togarashi Fries
  4. Togarashi On Fish (Like Tuna or Snapper)
  5. Add To Avacados (Like Guacamole or Toast)


Bourbon Barbecue Yakitori With Togarashi Spice Recipe Here

Smoky Mac & Cheese With Chipotle, Togarashi & Bacon

Togarashi Roasted Almonds

Grilled Togarashi Skirt Steak

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