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Smoke And Fire Peanut Butter // Fix and Fogg // Houston, TX

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and in this case, they combine to make some of the most unique and delicious peanut butter we’ve tasted. Fix & Fogg is a small team “dedicated to the best nut butters in the world” and they are well on their way with everything from chocolate almond butter to coffee and maple peanut butter. We reach for the Smoke And Fire which works perfectly smeared on toast but also lends a smoky, spicy kick to any dish making it a versatile pantry staple.

From The Maker:

Hatch Chile And Manuka Smoke We make our award-winning Smoke and Fire peanut butter by blending our Super Crunchy peanut butter with New Mexico Hatch chile. Then we go a little crazy and add natural Manuka smoke and Spanish smoked paprika to send you on an epic journey of flavours: a smoky start with a spicy lingering finish.

Fast 5 Uses:

  1. Avocado + Peanut Butter + Toast
  2. BBQ Marinade For Meats
  3. Smoke & Fire Hummus
  4. Smoke & Fire Peanut Butter Cookies
  5. Stir Into A Smoothie

More Fix & Fogg Recipe Here

Sriracha Turkey Satay Burger Recipe Here

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