Raw Honeycomb Pecan Butter Recipe

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Take your pancakes to the next level with this raw honeycomb recipe, bringing the great taste of honey with the amazing texture of raw honeycomb. For best results, use Savannah Bee Company raw honeycomb.

3 Tablespoons Savannah Bee Honeycomb
1/4 Cup Pearson Farm Pecans
1 Stick Softened Butter
Pinch of Sea Salt

1) Chop raw honeycomb with hot knife, crush pecans
2) Combine all ingredients in a bowl
3) Turn onto parchment paper and roll into cylinder
4) Chill butter

// Cap off a batch of Hotcakes with a coin and get your friends on the dishes.

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FYI: This recipe originally appeared on Mantry.com

Raw Honeycomb Pecan Butter | Georgia On My Mind Mantry

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