The 3 Best Bald Food Personalities

Here are three prime examples you don’t need a full head of hair to crush it in the food world.

Michael Symon

Cohost of The Chew, nationally recognized Iron Chef and restaurant owner Michael Symon knows good food. We’re big fans of his latest book Playing with Fire: BBQ and More from the Grill, Smoker, and Fireplace where he talks meat, fire and BBQ. With a strong slant on live-fire grilling and over 70 recipes from his newest restaurant Mabel’s BBQ, the Cleveland chef is right in his comfort (food) zone.

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Binging With Babish

Although you’re only going to see his torso for 99.9998% of all the videos, Babish has an undeniable charm, talent and rich baratone voice. With hilarious pop culture recipes like Peking Duck from A Christmas Story and Skinner’s Stew from The Simpsons, Babish has captivated Youtube boasting over 3.4 Million subscribers.

Sean Evans: Host of Hot Ones

Want to hear a great premise for a food show? Interview celebrities like Kevin Hart and DJ Khaled as they burn their taste buds on increasingly hotter hot wings. That is precisely what Sean Evans launched and grew to incredible popularity. No other way to say it, the show is pure, spice-fuelled hilarity.

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