The Future of Wine: 4 Innovative Companies To Watch

From canned wine to vino delivered like clockwork, here are four companies to watch.


Ramona is bringing back the Italian wine spritz with sleek packaging and refreshing flavors like Ruby Grapefruit. It’s organic, unpretentious and coming for your wine cellar.

Union Wine Co.

One of the first on the canned wine trend Union Wine Co. does something many other canned wines don’t, they make great wine. Union’s team has been at it since 2005 canning up a diverse range of Oregon grapes with inventive spins like their Underwood Reisling Radler and Bubbles along with their rock solid Pinot Noir and Rosé.

Wine Awesomeness

Wine Awesomeness offers an updated take on the stodgy old wine club. They send wine and stories from all over the world with a refreshing voice for a younger generation. Themes cover everything from the Iberia Peninsula to South Africa to Sunday Night TV.

Dry Farm Wines

In their own words “The Only Health-Focused, Natural Wine Club in the World. All Natural & Additive Free; Lab Tested For Purity; Sugar-Free & Low Alcohol.” Dry Farm is bringing serious wellness to wine. The proof is in the tribe they’ve built with some of the top Health Leaders loving their club.

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