The Pozole Queen of Puerto Escondido

On the importance of having what the locals are having…

It’s hot.

The streets and corners of Centro fill with people on foot. The population of a sleepy town by day seems to triple at night. The majority seem to be huddled over large soup bowls at Taqueria Rosy. The thing here is Pozole. Demoted to a back page side order in most Mexican restaurants in America, it is the star of the show here. Specifically the white variety. Shredded chicken, fresh hominy corn, chili flakes and the broth, oh that broth. Squeeze in some lime a couple of hunks of radish and you’ve got a national treasure that is rarely talked about abroad.

The woman across from me explains that many towns have their own Pozole, some red, some green, with different chiles, meats or subtle tweaks depending on where you are. People are sweating buckets but that’s the idea. “You sweat and it cools you off” says the woman. This is something I’ve heard before but don’t totally understand. I don’t care, I’m 2/3 of the way through my bowl and already I want another.

- Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder,

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